the loss of a friend


Dear Community,

Last week, a very special person passed away: Henry Badenhorst was one of the very first people to believe in our vision and our mission. One of the founding Trustees of the Foundation, we will always remember him for his laughter, kindness and generosity of spirit. 

May he rest in peace - and in joy


Ed & Rob

In a time of darkness
In a country of separation
Your star was born

A light that shone
A soul that changed the world
A generosity beyond measure

Your time with us was precious
Your impact far and wide

You connected us
You gave us a voice
You made us visible

Your heart has reached beyond your lifetime
A legacy for which we will ever be grateful

Without you we live on
But you are always by our side
In our hearts
In our lives

Henry we honour and celebrate you

Rob xx

dear Henry
thank you for the trust
for the endless support
for the words of encouragement

your laughter was infectious
your kindness also

I can feel you around me now
and I know you are happy 

I wish you well on this new journey
and to all the family and friends that love you 

dear friend
and thank you
for playing your part
in making the world a better place