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'Live Your Potential' Workshop

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Are you longing to thrive with HIV? To be truly free, living in alignment with your heart's desires? To live a life less than ordinary?

When you become HIV+, it's easy to feel the world closing in on you. To see all your dreams and desires fade away into the distance.

But you are far greater and more powerful than you think. You have access to a source of immense wisdom to guide you through life, and to help you create a thriving life. 

When you learn to tap into your inner spirit, you find a deep knowing of yourself and your path. You recognise your own natural freedom and power instead of bowing to external authorities and structures. And you allow a flow of inspiration and creation into the world, of service to all.

This afternoon workshop is a call to return to your true self. It's a space to get out of your day-to-day 'box', connect with your inner spirit - and rediscover who and what you are, beyond the stories of your diagnosis. 

'Live Your Potential' is an internal journey: a space for diving into the moment, your inner world and your perception of HIV - and freeing the force of love and life you hold within. 

It is also a group journey: we will connect as a circle and move through meditation, movement, ritual, group sharing, journeying, silence, and partner/group exercises.

The workshop will be led by transformational mentor Edward Pike, assisted by Rob Hamilton and experienced practitioners.


  • Be more present and aware of your breath, body, thoughts, feelings and intuition
  • Accept and understand how to live with your diagnosis 
  • Access, embody and open to your highest intuition and creativity
  • Feel and communicate your needs, longings and desires with more clarity
  • Develop your emotional and intuitive guiding systems
  • Increase your sensuality, creativity, wholeness, joy, vitality and balance
  • Develop a deeper sense of connection and desire to interact with others and the world


EDWARD PIKE is a transformational mentor and a creative spirit. A student of shamanism and Core Energetics, his 'Alignment' work combines all of his experience to awaken his students' bodies, spirits, minds and hearts. 

His clarity, kindness and grounded style foster a space of clarity, creativity and connection, allowing deep healing and change to be pleasurable and effortless - and in which transformation occurs with ease.

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  • A safe, loving and supportive space for personal and collective transformation through movement, meditation, sound, energy work, shamanic practices and group sharing
  • A place to tune-in to your inner self and find clarity on your longings and desires as well as your blocks and patterns
  • Practices to ground in the body, open the heart and find pleasure in movement, emotions, sensations and impulses
  • Tools to develop and integrate energy work, access to higher consciousness and spirituality into your daily life


What previous participants are saying:

I had my doubts about doing the workshop at first as I have been on things like this in the past and it has always been the same old format, but I can say without any questions that Edward is first class at what he does: nothing was scripted, he was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I can only sing his praises!
— - A


The workshop is free (donations welcome) and for anyone living with HIV. Participants must register beforehand.



Three Corners Centre, Northampton Row, EC1R 0HU London

(Clerkenwell/Exmouth Market)    


12 to 6pm (including time for lunch)

Please arrive with plenty of time to connect with Edward and other members of the Thrive community - doors open 30mins beforehand.

Questions? Email


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