We want to lead the effort to improve the lives and health of people living with long-term conditions such as HIV.



Our Mission...

The Foundation’s purpose is to have a deep impact with a wide audience: not just the participants on the Thrive programme, but also their families, friends, networks, as well as the wider LGBT and HIV communities.

Starting with a cause and a population that is close to our hearts, we aim to develop the Thrive Foundation into a charity supporting all types of populations and conditions, through the sharing of our findings to the NHS and charities, and the expansion of our work in the years to come.

The aim of Thrive is to provide an alternative model to self-help and self-care, in which we empower participants with the tools, skills and knowledge necessary for living with a lifelong condition such as HIV.

Through the creation of an ongoing programme, we want to build a strong and close-knit community of Thrivers, able to support each other in their journey with HIV, and to tackle the ongoing stigma related with the condition, in turn planting the seed for more supportive and inclusive LGBT and HIV communities.

What We Believe...



We believe that any pain arising from an HIV diagnosis  can be transformed.

We offer a space for personal growth and healing, in which our users can feel safe and free to turn their pain into positivity and purpose by developing their presence and self-awareness.


We believe that expressing our creativity is a truly transformative force for personal change.

We encourage our users to reconnect and express their creative voices, both online and offline, and to become designers of their own lives, by learning how to connect and create their authentic desires.


We believe in the power of authentic sharing and communication, both in our users as well as the way the charity operates.

Thrive offers a space for people to open up about their pain, needs and longings, by connecting with themselves at a deeper level. We also aim to be a highly-transparent organisation, by sharing all our evidence, findings and reports on our site and with partner organisations.


We believe that true healing comes when we take responsibility for our own lives.

We aim to develop our users’ aspirations and self-leadership by teaching them tools and practices they can use in their everyday lives to take back control of their self-care, self-love and their mental, emotional and physical health.


We believe in the healing power of feeling part of a wider organism.

Thrive is a community-led organisation in which users, facilitators and volunteers are involved in its development and there is a clear focus on community-building through social events, gatherings, workshops and online groups.


We believe that raising people’s consciousness has a positive impact on their mental and emotional health.

We encourage our users to make their growth a priority through attending workshops, reading, connecting with others, journalling or meditating.