ARE YOU READY FOR A DEEP TRANSFORMATION in your physical, mental and emotional health?

The Thrive Programme is a 6-month service for anyone living with HIV. Whatever your age, time of diagnosis, gender, sexuality or background, you're welcome to join.

The programme gives you the awareness of your own stigma around the condition, and the confidence to express your fears and seek answers in a safe and supportive environment.

In individual and group sessions, you'll work work with Alignment mentor Edward Pike to reconnect with your body, emotions and intuition through discussions, meditations, visualisations, shamanic practices and rituals, as well as embodiment and movement practices.

We'll help you focus on 7 areas of improvement:

  • presence
  • awareness
  • growth
  • aspirations
  • self-care
  • belonging
  • attitude 

(For more details see this blog post).


We understand that every single person has a different journey with HIV, so the Thrive Programme is designed to provide a personal and flexible learning environment : you'll be given 10 individually tailored 1-2-1 sessions, which are arranged to suit your schedule and life, both online and face-to-face.

We also understand that the main learnings come from connecting with other people in a similar position, so we provide a space to nurture mutual support and development: 6 group workshops are held over 6 months, in which you'll experience opening and transformation, practice some of the tools learnt, and create ongoing connections and networks.

The next intake will start in October 2018. In order to participate, you must first attend at least one Open Day Afternoon. For upcoming dates, please check our calendar:


The programme was developed in 2015 by life and health mentor Edward (Will) Pike in partnership with the Peel Institute, a charity with over 100 years of history of providing health and wellbeing services in London.

10 participants were referred from the NHS clinic 56 Dean Street and HIV charity Positive East.

The pilot was funded by a variety of charitable trusts and individual donations, and made significant improvements:

  • Participants saw an average increase in their mental and emotional health scores of 30%
  • Participants were 60% more inclined to disclose their status to sexual partners
  • And 40% more inclined to disclose to their friends and families

The programme also received some great feedback and testimonials.

Thanks to this success, the Thrive Foundation was set up as an independent charity, and registered in December 2015.

See a video from April 2015 about the pilot programme below.